[New Upgrade] Huge Gap Door Draft Stopper, 3-2/5"W Widened Door Sweep Seal Gap Up to 1-4/5" for Inte

Upgrade Your Door with the Ultimate Door Draft Stopper

The Upgrade Draft Stopper is the ultimate solution to keep your indoors from getting chilly and freezing. This draft stopper is widely usable for both interior and exterior doors, painting a perfect picture of convenience and versatility. The draft stopper can be placed under the door, sealing the gap between the door bottom and the floor to prevent cold drafts from getting in.

No More Chilly Nights

If you dread the wintertime, and chilly nights are a nightmare to you, then you need the Upgrade Door Draft Stopper in your home. No more will you have to bear the coldness of the floor, or suffer from cold drafts seeping in from all corners of your home. This ultimate stopper has everything you need for a warm winter and cozy nights.

Widened for Extreme Use

The Upgrade Draft Stopper has been widened, ensuring it can be used for both interior and exterior doors. The flexibility and the convenience of installation are achieved without sacrificing the efficiency of the draft stopper. Thoughtfully designed to maximize the benefits of this excellent door draft stopper.

Quality Guaranteed

Upgrade Door Draft Stopper comes with a quality guarantee. This means you can be confident of the performance of your draft stopper. The insulation provided is of the highest quality, ensuring no freezing cold draughts enter your home. Upgrade Door Draft Stopper is all you need to say goodbye to the coldness of winter.

Elegant Design

The Upgrade Draft Stopper is elegant in its design. It is clean and simple, which makes it both visually pleasing and efficient. The simplicity of the design is perhaps part of the reason why it works perfectly while blending in perfectly with any interior/exterior decor.

One Size Fits All

The Upgrade Draft Stopper comes in an ideal size that fits almost all doors. That means that it is an all-in-one solution to your cold draughts problems. With this door stopper, you will not have to worry about it not fitting on any doors.

Easy to Install

The draft stopper is straightforward to install. The design allows a plug and lay installation, which eliminates the need for any tools or screws. You can install the Draft Stopper within seconds, and you will be ready to enjoy a warm and cozy home.


One of the significant advantages of using the Upgrade Draft Stopper is its energy-saving capabilities. The Stopper will significantly reduce your heating bills, as it will prevent heat from escaping your home. You will also be doing the environment a favor by reducing your carbon footprint, so the Stopper is a win-win situation.

Durable and Long-lasting

The Upgrade Draft Stopper is designed to last. You will not have to replace it every winter, as high-quality materials back it. The insulation provides excellent performance, and the stopper, together with its material, comes with a quality guarantee.

Safe for Your Floors

The Upgrade Draft Stopper is safe for your floors. The materials used are high-quality, ensuring that the stopper does not damage your flooring. This is important, as it means you do not have to worry about damaging your floors while trying to keep your home warm.


The Upgrade Draft Stopper is cost-effective. It is an affordable solution to your heating problems, and it delivers excellent performance. It will save on your heating bills, which means it will pay for itself after a short time of use.

Free Maintenance

The Upgrade Draft Stopper is easy to maintain. Simply use a damp cloth and dust it off occasionally, and you will keep it in top shape. There are no batteries to change, no broken parts to fix, and no maintenance costs to worry about.

Reusable and Versatile

The Upgrade Draft Stopper is reusable and versatile. You can use it each winter, and it can also be used for various door types, making it an all-around asset to your home. You will not have to worry about buying different stoppers for different doors, as the Upgrade Draft Stopper does it all.

No More Cold Feet

Upgrade Draft Stopper ensures that you will never suffer from cold feet in your own home again. The Stopper fits securely under the door, creating an air-tight seal that prevents the coldness of the floor from seeping into your home.

Effective Sound Barrier

The Upgrade Draft Stopper is not only useful in keeping cold draughts out of your home. It also acts as a sound barrier, which means you will have fewer noises creeping into your home. This aspect enhances the comfort of your home and makes it more peaceful.

An Ideal Gift

The Upgrade Draft Stopper is an excellent gift idea. If you know someone who is always suffering from cold and chilly winters, then this stopper is the ultimate solution. Gifting the Upgrade Draft Stopper will show that you care for their wellbeing and comfort.

Reduces Dust and Pollutants

The Upgrade Draft Stopper, through its air-tight mechanism, reduces dust and pollutants that enter your home. This way, you will have a cleaner and healthier living environment, ensuring the wellbeing of everyone in your home.

Fits Securely

Upgrade Draft Stopper fits securely under your door, ensuring there are no gaps for the cold draughts to penetrate. The design of the stopper integrates aesthetic and functionality, making it a perfect fit for any door type.

Perfect for All Seasons

Although Upgrade Draft Stopper is particularly useful during the winter season, it is perfect for all seasons. During the summer, for example, it can prevent warm air from creeping into your home, making your home comfortable even during hot summer days.

Premium-Quality Materials

The Upgrade Draft Stopper is made of premium-quality materials. The stopper has a soft and smooth surface, with insulation that provides excellent performance and long-lasting quality.

Reliable Performance

The Upgrade Draft Stopper has reliable performance, which means you can comfortably use it without worrying about its effectiveness. Once you install the stopper, you will notice an immediate difference in the temperature of your home.

Effortless Installation

The Upgrade Draft Stopper is effortless to install. You will not need any tools or screws to install, and the process will take only a few seconds. Once installed, you will enjoy a warm and comfortable living space.


The Upgrade Draft Stopper is stylish. Its elegant and straightforward design makes it blend in with any home decor, giving your home an added aesthetic appeal. Its color and design make it an ideal addition to any door type.

Easy to Clean

The Upgrade Draft Stopper is easy to clean. You only need a damp cloth to clean it, and you are good to go. No need for any complex cleaning procedures, or harsh chemicals.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

The Upgrade Draft Stopper comes with a guarantee of satisfaction. This means you can return the product if it does not meet your expectations. This guarantee gives you peace of mind, and confidence in the product’s quality and durability.

No Sags or Rips

The Upgrade Draft Stopper is sturdy and durable. You will not have to deal with sags or rips, which means you will enjoy the insulation benefits of the stopper for long.

Ecologically Friendly

The Upgrade Draft Stopper is ecologically friendly. It will save on your energy bills, reduce the level of greenhouse gases, and make your living space more comfortable.

No More Unpleasant Smells

The Upgrade Draft Stopper is effective in keeping unpleasant smells at bay. If you have any smells creeping through your door-gap, the Upgrade Draft Stopper will keep it all out, leaving your living space smelling fresh and clean.


The Upgrade Draft Stopper is portable. You can easily move it from one room to another without any difficulty. This feature makes it a perfect solution to those who would wish to have a stopper that they can move depending on their needs.

All in One Solution

The Upgrade Draft Stopper is an all-in-one solution to your cold draughts problems. No more cold feet, no more unpleasant smells, no more high-energy bills, and no more noise creeping your space. This stopper has it all!

Adds Value to Your Home

The Upgrade Draft Stopper adds value to your home. This stopper enhances your living space both in terms of comfort and aesthetic value. It is an investment that you will enjoy for years to come.

No More Mosquitoes and Bugs

The Upgrade Draft Stopper keeps mosquitoes and bugs out of your space, especially during the summer season. It prevents warm air from entering your home, and this, in turn, makes it more challenging for these creepy-crawlies to penetrate your living space.

Efficient and Convenient

The Upgrade Draft Stopper is efficient and convenient. It performs its job perfectly, and it is designed for effortless installation, ease of use, easy maintenance, and durability. This stopper delivers an excellent return on your investment.

Perfect fit for all Door Types

The Upgrade Draft Stopper is a perfect fit for all door types. You can use it for your interior and exterior doors, and it will perform equally well in both situations. This aspect ensures that you do not have to buy different stoppers for different doors, which makes it a cost-saving asset for your home.

Immediate Results

Once you install the Upgrade Draft Stopper in your home, you will notice the results immediately. The difference in temperature, the reduction in noise and smell, and the added aesthetic value will all be apparent. This stopper is a game-changer!


If you are looking to upgrade your home’s temperature control, reduce your energy bills, and enhance the aesthetic value of your living space, then Upgrade Draft Stopper is the solution you have been looking for. This stopper is efficient, convenient, elegant, durable, and cost-effective. It is perfect for all door types, easy to install, and requires no maintenance. Upgrade your living space and experience the difference with the Upgrade Draft Stopper.

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