Paradise Lost 2 is coming! Sister Quanxi Shitou returns to fight zombies again

On July 25, North American time, Zombieland: Double Tap (provisional translation) successively exposed posters, stills and trailers. The sequel is still directed by Ruben Fleischer, with the first starring roles of Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrison, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin all returning. Zoe Dutch, Thomas Middych and Rosario Dawson joined the club.

Abrams, the new poster of Operation Overlord, US forces fighting German zombies

Recently, the latest poster of Operation Overlord, the first R-rated film produced by the science fiction film supervised by J. J. Abrams and the bad robot production company, was exposed. In the profile of Bojim Woodbain, the American airborne soldiers opened their parachutes, and some soldiers continued to fire at the enemy regardless of heavy […]

My Spy Ex Boyfriend’s Ultimate Trailer: Zombie’s Extreme Travel

The Hollywood action comedy “My Spy Ex Boyfriend” has announced its introduction and is scheduled for October 19, starring Mira Kunis (“Teddy Bear”, “Black Swan”), Emmy Award winner, Saturday Night Live Resident Guest Kate McKinnon, and Sam Shuhan (“Legend of the Ancient Battlefield”). Today’s film exposes the final trailer and poster of the “Zombie Spy” […]