Peter talks about Zombie World War 2: it is shelved due to budget problems

At the Venice Film Festival being held, Brad Pitt and Sina Film started a dialogue on Zombie World War 2, which many people care about. He said that the budget of the sequel was impossible and unclear, but he and Finch might make Zombie World War into a series (David Finch had already made two […]

“The Dead” Announces Hollywood Casey lineup’s Zombie Comedy

Directed by the famous independent film director Jim Jamush, it has gathered a large number of Hollywood stars’ zombie comedy “The Dead” exposure trailer. In the trailer, zombies invaded small towns in the United States, creating panic and countless jokes.

Zombie World War 2: David Finch and Peter will cooperate again

Although it has been six years since the release of the previous film, “Zombie World War” has always been a zombie film that fans are fond of talking about. Recently, some media reported that the sequel of the film will be launched at the end of March this year, and has been named “Maxillian”.

The latest news of Zombie Paradise 2: Zoe Dutch will join

“Zombie Paradise”, which won a good reputation in 2009, has finally got the news of a sequel. Zoe Dutch will join Zombie Paradise 2, while Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrison, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin will all return. The film has not been shot yet, but it has been confirmed that it will be released on […]