Glory to the top! Uncover the Secrets of Unarmed Rock Climbing

The award-winning masterpiece of the 91st Academy Awards, “Rock Climbing with Hands”, released a special shoot of “Climbing to the Top with Glory” today, exposing the precious behind the scenes scenes of the film in the shooting process. The film’s two Chinese American couple directors Elizabeth Chai Vascharelli and Jin Guowei, as well as the […]

The Adventures of Wonderland Release the Trailer to Uncover the Secret of Wonderland

The Hollywood family fun adventure animation “Adventures in Wonderland” was officially launched in various courtyards nationwide on April 19. On April 19, the film maker exposed the release poster and the trailer of “Entrance Guide”. Zhu Ni, the main character, and the cute animal partners in the Wonderland are ready to start the fantastic adventure.