Princess of Wales’ uncle blasts Prince Harry

The Princess of Wales’ uncle has blasted Prince Harry over his memoir. Gary Goldsmith, who is uncle to Harry’s sister-in-law Catherine, Princess of Wales, 41, has claimed that Harry’s book ‘Spare’ had made the “gaping chasm between [Harry and the Royal Family] unbridgeable”. Writing in the Daily Mail newspaper, Gary said: “Harry has launched this […]

The praise is overwhelming! Uncle Wolf’s “Son in His Heart” premiere in Venice

On September 7 local time, the world premiere of “Son in His Heart”, which was shortlisted for the main competition unit of the 79th Venice International Film Festival, was held at the Sala Grande Theater in the Venice Film Palace. The film director, Florence Zeller, and the leading actors, Hugh Jackman, Laura Dunne, Vanessa Kirby […]

“A Son Stuck in His Heart” Finalist Venice Wolf Uncle as a Sad Father

The new film “Son in His Heart”, directed by Florence Zeller, director of the Oscar winning film “Father in Time”, was shortlisted for the main competition unit of the 79th Venice International Film Festival and will be premiered on September 7 local time. Like Father Trapped in Time, Son Trapped in Mind is also adapted […]

Uncle Wolf’s new book “A Son in His Heart” was released in the award season

The sister film of Father Trapped in Time, the same “family trilogy” of “Son Trapped in the Mood”, has recently determined the schedule. Finally, this highly anticipated film will be released on November 11 this year, entering the award season. The production of another “Mother” has also been put on the agenda.

Female Hawk exposes the new stills “Uncle Mark”, and the Hulk returns

There is no blank time for Marvel fans to pursue the play. The new play “Female Hawk” is coming soon! Recently, Marvel’s new play “Female Hawk” released three new stills, and the heroine Hawk appeared in her normal image and transformed image. In addition, the Hulk played by “Uncle Mark” Mark Rufalo will also return […]