New Batman exposes its main feature, witnessing the strongest hero shaking the newborn

The DC superhero blockbuster “New Batman” will be released in more than 750 IMAX cinemas nationwide on March 18. A few days ago, IMAX released its main feature, with director Matt Reeves, “Batman” Robert Pattinson, “Catwoman” Zoe Klawitz, and “Penguin Man” Colin Farrell appearing to introduce IMAX’s immersive experience and audio-visual effects.

Stanson set off the strongest gear of this summer with one enemy and many fast cars

The annual action blockbuster “Speed and Passion: Special Action”, created by Universal Pictures, will be launched on the national cinemas on August 23, and the film pre-sale has been fully opened. A few days ago, the film released a preview of the role of “Decatur Shaw”. The popular character Xiao played by Jason Stanson reappeared […]

The strongest variant of the universe appeared in X-Men: Black Phoenix

On June 6, the superhero film X-Men: Black Phoenix, directed by Simon Kinberg and starring James McAvoy, Michael Fassbinder, Sophie Turner, Tyle Sheridan and Evan Peters, took the lead in landing at more than 600 IMAX cinemas across the country. On the opening day of the film, IMAX held a media conference in Beijing, and […]

Hidden secrets! Black Phoenix Discloses New Trailer and Uncovers the Strongest Mutant

The superhero blockbuster “X-Men: Black Phoenix”, produced by 20th Century Fox and jointly produced by Marvel Pictures, will be launched on the national cinemas on June 6. The pre-sale of the film has now been fully opened. Today, the film side released a “battle force explosion table” trailer, which vividly shows Phoenix’s struggle in the […]

Godzilla roars against the strongest old enemy, Godzilla 2, exposes IMAX posters

Directed by Michael Doherty and co starred by Kyle Chandler and Vera Famega, the Hollywood monster blockbuster Godzilla 2: The King of Monsters, which is specially joined by Watanabe Qian and Zhang Ziyi, will be released on May 31. Today, IMAX released its exclusive poster for the film. Amid the blue flames of war, Godzilla […]