Sam Smith was ‘spat at’ by a stranger after changing pronouns

Sam Smith was “spat at” by a stranger after publicly changing their pronouns. The ‘Stay With Me’ star came out as non-binary and adopted the gender pronouns of they/them back in 2019 and the singer has now revealed they were bombarded with abuse and even harassed on the street after bravely made their true identity […]

James Cameron wanted to avoid ‘Stranger Things effect’ on Avatar sequels

James Cameron shot the ‘Avatar’ sequels together to avoid “the ‘Stranger Things’ effect”. The 68-year-old filmmaker cast Trinity Jo-Li Bliss as Tuk when she was around seven years old and she is now 13, while 18-year-old Jack Champion was 12 and “growing like a weed” when he was brought in to play Spider, so he […]

Trailer of “Stranger”: Daniel Radcliffe as the Stranger

Recently, Daniel Radcliffe starred in the film “Weird Man: The Story of Al Jankovic”, which had a full length preview. In the trailer, a story about the strange pop music is told. The whole preview was shrouded in an atmosphere of both joy and fun.

“Harry Potter” becomes a rock star? Film “Stranger” exposes posters

Recently, the new poster of the film “Weird Man: The Story of Al Jankovic” starring Daniel Radcliffe, the actor of Harry Potter, was exposed. On the poster, Jankovic stands in front of Palm Avenue in Hollywood with his explosive head, retro disco costume and accordion. It seemed that he was ready for a big fight.

Can’t stop! The Arabian version of The Perfect Stranger has been remade 8 times

“The Perfect Stranger”, which had previously set off a worldwide remake boom, will be shot in Arabic! A few days ago, foreign media reported that Front Row, a Middle East film distribution company based in Dubai, and its partner Kuwait National Film had bought the right to remake Perfect Stranger. Front Row will cooperate with […]