“Girl in the Deep Swamp” Hot Movie, rotten tomato popcorn index 97%

Since the love suspense film “Girls in the Deep Swamp” (provisional translation) landed in the North American cinema on July 15, it has won unanimous acclaim from fans and the media with its ups and downs, breathtaking wetland pictures, superb acting skills and tear jerking resonance. The film won 17 million US dollars at the […]

Angry Birds 2: 88% of rotten tomatoes became No. 1 in the film

Directed by Tulup Van Olman, the original comedy action animation Angry Birds 2 dubbed by Jason Sudakis, Josh Gard, Leslie Jones, Bill Harder, Rachel Bloom and others reaped 88% freshness after the opening of the famous film review website “rotten tomatoes” in North America, setting a new record for the opening of game adapted movies! […]

Angry Birds 2 exposes the theme song MV. The freshness of rotten tomatoes is 88%

The hilarious action animated film Angry Birds 2 will be released nationwide on August 16. Recently, the filmmaker released a global theme music MV “The Best Day”, which was sung by the famous European and American female singer Kesha. Chinese fans affectionately called her “Qian Niu”. The music style is relaxed and cheerful. Fangkebei is […]

Not before! Man in Black: Global Hunt Only 32% of rotten tomatoes

The word of mouth of “The Man in Black: The World’s Most Wanted” by foreign media has been lifted recently. The freshness of the film on the rotten tomato website is only 32%, the popcorn index is 74%, and only 3 out of 25 reviews are favorable. The MTC score is 43 points, with 6 […]