Emma Roberts adopts a chihuahua rescue puppy

Emma Roberts has adopted a chihuahua rescue puppy. The 31-year-old actress has taken to social media to reveal that she’s adopted a puppy from the Labelle Foundation, an animal rescue organization that’s based in Los Angeles. Alongside a photo of her puppy, Emma wrote on Instagram: “Our new family member… We love him so much! […]

The release date of the movie “Rescue 2” has not been determined yet

The highly concerned action film “Sky Shock Rescue 2” was successfully completed a few days ago. After 4 months of filming, the preliminary production work of the crew finally came to an end. The film was shot in Europe, and most of the scenes took place outdoors in winter. This is in sharp contrast to […]

Spirit Inn 4: New Episode Exposed: Memphis braves the rainforest to rescue his family

Recently, the final chapter of the animated film “Spirit Hotel”, “Spirit Hotel 4: The Great Adventure of Transformation”, released a segment of “Rushing into the Rainforest”. Mephis led the spirit family to the rainforest of South America to rescue their father and husband thousands of miles away. The film will be officially released on April […]