Fantastic Woman 2 Discloses the Rescheduled Poster Gail Gado Comes Back

After the official announcement of the postponement of the schedule, recently, the new DC super British novel Wonder Woman 2, directed by Patty Jenkins, released a set of updated character posters. The pictures are mainly colorful red, orange and green, which has great visual impact. At the bottom of the poster, the latest schedule is […]

Mary of Magdalene: Rescheduled in North America, Jackun Luni’s Love Again

Recently, Maria Magdalene was officially scheduled for release in North America on April 12. The film was originally expected to be released in the United States on March 30, 2018, but the North American distribution right of the film was held by Weinstein Company. Because of the influence of the boss’s Harvey Weinstein sex scandal, […]