John Lennon ‘kicked heroin quickly’

John Lennon’s former personal assistant was amazed by how quickly The Beatles icon kicked his heroin habit. Actor and mime artist Dan Richter, 83, who lived and worked with John and the singer’s wife Yoko Ono as their PA from 1969 to 1973, said he supplied the couple with the class-A drug in the late […]

Will Smith’s Jedi Police: Chase Quickly

On February 20, the film “Jedi Police: Chasing Quickly”, an action police bandit film, released a preview of “overcoming the danger together”. The film is supported by Jerry Bruckheimer, a gold medal producer in Hollywood, and starred by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Since it was released in North America on January 17, it has […]

Draw the key points quickly! Spiderman: A Parallel Universe: A Special Date

Spider Man: Parallel Universe, jointly produced by Columbia Pictures, Marvel Pictures and Sony Animation Pictures, recently released a video feature of “dating secrets”. Miles and his uncle Ellen learned how to chat up girls they like. This film has been released on the 21st, and has won a great reputation since the opening of the […]