The Giant announces Brandon Fisher’s quest for salvation

Brandon Fisher starred, and Darren Arenovsky directed the new movie “The Giant”, which released the official trailer. In the trailer, Charlie, who weighs 600 pounds, lives alone in his home. He seems to be looking for his future and waiting for his death.

Pitt’s Star Quest exposes IMAX’s foreshadowing of space epic

The sci-fi film Star Quest starring Brad Pitt has exposed the trailer of IMAX version. In the trailer, Peter goes into space to complete the task of finding his father. Although he encountered many difficulties, he also had a great harvest – discovering the dirty secrets of space and aviation. Some foreign media commented that […]

Brad Pitt encounters a conspiracy! Star Quest Exposure Trailer

On August 14, the science fiction masterpiece Star Quest starring Brad Pitt was exposed as a trailer. The space engineer, who is played by Peter, follows in the footsteps of his missing father 20 years ago without hesitation, trying to cross the solar system, find his father and find out the cause of the mission […]

Astronaut Brad Pitt! Star Quest released its first poster

On June 5, the space science fiction film “Star Exploration” starring Brad Pitt released its first poster. In the dark universe, astronauts seem to encounter some difficulties, and their bodies are attracted by great gravity.