“New Batman” held the first film of Batman IMAX, which won high praise

The DC superhero movie “New Batman” has been released in IMAX Cinema on March 18, and one of the most influential superheroes in history has ushered in a new life. IMAX held a special media viewing session of “New Batman” and “IMAX Ice Mountain Club Night” in Beijing on the day of its release. The […]

“New Batman” Announces Public Praise: Pattinson’s Batman Captures Praise

The Hollywood blockbuster “New Batman” will be released nationwide on March 18. Recently, the film released a short preview of its reputation ahead of time, focusing on the comments on the film by world-renowned media. Every word of praise makes more audiences look forward to seeing the truth in the cinema.

DC Super Hero Returns Strongly to “New Batman”

The high-profile DC superhero film “New Batman” will be released in more than 750 IMAX cinemas across the country on March 18. On March 1, the film’s first round of public praise was lifted and the harvest exploded. The freshness of “rotten tomatoes” reached 87%. Many well-known media and film critics gave it five-star acclaim […]