Did you get the eggs in Godzilla 2: The King of Monsters?

It was the Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional Chinese festival. Vera Famega, the star of Godzilla 2: The King of Monsters, appeared with her “daughter”, 11 Millie Bobby Brown, to give her warm wishes. With the popularity of the movie, the majority of netizens also played a game of playing with the egg. Many people […]

Godzilla 2: The King of Monsters broke 500 million! Giant beasts become “all stars”

Godzilla 2: The King of Monsters, the third masterpiece of the “Monster Universe” series, a Hollywood sci-fi disaster action blockbuster jointly created by Legendary Pictures, Warner Bros. Film Company and Huahua Culture, is showing nationwide, with a cumulative box office of more than 500 million. The monster “All Star Team” led by Godzilla, Quitola, Mosla […]