Chief spoiler! Where are the Magical Animals 3 will present an epic battle

Recently, according to foreign media, Dan Fowler, the star of the film “Where Are the Magical Animals 3”, provided fans with a small spoiler. He said that he had read the script of the third film, And it feels very similar to the first one: “After reading the script, you can recall the first one. […]

Where are the Magical Animals 3? Johnny Depp has a lot of scenes

On April 30, according to foreign media reports, “Where are the Magical Animals 3” was announced to be finalized and will be released on November 12, 2021. As the latest in the “Where Are the Magical Animals” series, the conflict between the magical world and the human world will also be an important emotional node […]

The “Gothic” blockbuster “Hell Baron” reverts to an epic magical world

Recently, the first production feature of the film “Hell Baron: The Rise of the Blood Queen” was exposed in North America, and the creator talked about the highlights of the film; The IMAX poster was released, and the Gothic style was gorgeous and amazing! Then North America exposed the second original film segment, showing a […]