Real dog, real thing, real feelings! Loyal Dog Palma Releases Warm Healing

On August 26, the film “Loyal Dog Palma” based on real events was officially released, and the behind the scenes feature of “Powerful Dog” was released. The smart and sensible dog actor has conquered the heart of the whole crew, and his super acting skills perfectly present the touching story. The film tells the sweet […]

Pre sale opened! Prenotice of the first Chinese dubbing version of Loyal Dog Palma

The movie “Loyal Dog Palma” recently released a Chinese dubbing preview of “Come for You”, and announced the opening of pre-sales. On August 21, the film was released ahead of schedule in four cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It was highly praised and became the pet film with the highest rating of douban […]

The Dune Exposes New Pieces Jason Moma Plays the “Loyal Knight”

Sand Dune, the masterpiece that must be seen on the big screen, has been acclaimed. The director Dennis Villeneva has been polishing the script of Sand Dune 2. He said that the original novel is a very grand story, “one film can’t put it down”, so he hopes to finish the story of the first […]

Can the loyal fans bear it? Continuously show Marvel films for 59 hours

Recently, some AMC cinemas in the United States announced that they would start a “Marvel Movie Marathon” on April 23, starting with the first Marvel movie “Iron Man” in 2008 and continuing to release “Avengers Alliance 4” in North America on April 26. A total of 22 films will be shown, which will be shown […]