Hulk Hogan ‘can’t feel his lower body’

Hulk Hogan “can’t feel his lower body”. The 69-year-old wrestling legend made a surprise guest appearance at the 30th anniversary of Raw in Philadelphia last week but according to fellow grappler Kurt Angle, he is hiding the serious impact of recent back surgery and needs to use a cane to stay steady on his feet […]

My Spy Ex Boyfriend Brush the “Lower Limit” Again; The Female Owner Loves the Little Yellow Man

The Hollywood action comedy “My Spy Ex Boyfriend” has announced its introduction and is scheduled for October 19, starring Mira Kunis (“Teddy Bear”, “Black Swan”), Emmy Award winner “Saturday Night Live” resident guest Kate McKinnon, and Sam Shuhan (“Legend of the Ancient Battlefield”). Today’s movie released a preview of the “Invincible Sisters” version, and the […]