Sony and Legendary Pictures Jointly Reach a Global Publicity Cooperation Agreement

After “breaking off the relationship” with Warner Brothers, Legendary Pictures established a global film distribution partnership with Sony Pictures. It is reported that Legend Pictures has reached an agreement with Sony Pictures that Sony will be responsible for the global distribution and sales of the films produced by Legend Pictures (excluding Chinese Mainland), and Legend […]

Cute beasts attack! Fantastic Animal 3: Plastic Partners Jointly Escape from Prison

The new adventure chapter of “The Magic World” created by J.K. Rowling, the author of “Harry Potter”, “The Magic Animal: The Mystery of Dumbledore” is being released nationwide. A few days ago, the film exposed the scene of “cute animals attacking”. In order to escape from the prison of Oxtar, Sniff and the tree protecting […]

Russell Brothers and Obama will jointly launch the new film “West Gap”

According to foreign media reports, the film and television companies of Anthony Russell and Joe Russell, the directors of Avengers Alliance 3: Unlimited War and Avengers Alliance 4: Final War, will cooperate with the companies of the Obamas to jointly produce Exit West, a film adapted from the best-selling magic reality novel of Mukhsin Hamid.

Jushi and Jason Jointly Expose the Trailer in Speed and Passion: Special Action

The “Speed and Passion” series of films, which had made nearly 5 billion US dollars in the world box office and created a miracle in the box office of imported films in China, today released the latest trailer of this new series of films, “Speed and Passion: Special Action”. The popular “Happy Enemy” in the […]

“Sea King” Exposed Production Feature Wen Ziren, Jason Moma Jointly Appears

The new DC superhero movie “Sea King” produced by Warner Bros. Film Company exposed the production feature of “subverting the imagination”. The famous director Wen Ziren appeared together with the leading actors of Jason Momma, Emma Hild, Patrick Wilson, Nicole Kidman, etc., revealing the huge behind the scenes production process of the film. The newly […]