Nolan’s new film Oppenheimer exposes the official preview of nuclear explosion

Recently, the film Oppenheimer, which was edited and directed by Christopher Nolan, released an official preview. The preview showed many concrete images of “nuclear”. Nolan, the director, also disclosed that the visual elements from the Trinity Nuclear Test to quantum dynamics and quantum physics were shot by practical means without computer special effects.

Fire explosion watch! Brain hole movie Bollywood Robot 2.0 exposes role posters

Bollywood Robot 2.0: Rebirth and Return (hereinafter referred to as “2.0”) will be released on the national cinema line on September 6. Today, the film released three role posters. In the posters, the seventh brother of the robot hero played by Raginikanta, the villain bird monster Parksh played by Akeshe Kumar, and the high-level emotional […]

Bond 25 Is Damaged by Explosion in Another Accident 007 Studio No Casualty

The ill fated “Bond 25” once again encountered an accident. It is reported that on June 4 local time, a modest “controllable explosion” occurred in the famous “007 Studio” of Songlin Studio. Although there were no casualties in the studio, it still brought some losses. Moreover, the staff outside the studio were slightly injured.