Scarlett kills the enemy bravely! Special Forces: The Origin of Snake Eyes

The action adventure blockbuster “Special Forces: The Origins of Snake Eyes” released the segment of “Punishing the Murderer and Eliminating the Evil”. Scarlett, a member of the special forces, waved her two sticks to meet the enemy with strength, showing her superior strength. The legend of the special forces began with the idea of snake […]

Stanson set off the strongest gear of this summer with one enemy and many fast cars

The annual action blockbuster “Speed and Passion: Special Action”, created by Universal Pictures, will be launched on the national cinemas on August 23, and the film pre-sale has been fully opened. A few days ago, the film released a preview of the role of “Decatur Shaw”. The popular character Xiao played by Jason Stanson reappeared […]

Angry Birds 2 Pig Bird Alliance! A sworn enemy becomes a sworn brother

Ten years ago, a small game came out and became popular around the world. This is Angry Birds. Pulling slingshots to smash exotic birds onto troublemakers became almost everyone’s leisure and entertainment activities at that time. Every year, the game has been upgraded. By 2016, the Angry Birds movie had been released in China, and […]