Jared Leto’s new plan! As the fashion emperor Carl Lagerfeld

Jared Leto, a famous actor, has another new film planned to be exposed. In an interview, Jared Leto said that he would play the role of the late Chanel art director, “Master Buddha” Carl Lagerfeld. Leto told the media that “Carl will be proud of what we have done”.

The new dynamic of Dune 2 exposes Christopher Walken to play the emperor

Sand Dune 2, which will be officially launched this autumn, has once again exposed the actors’ dynamic. It is reported that Christopher Walken, a famous actor, joined the cast to play the role of Padisha Emperor Saddam IV. The new actors also include Florence Pew as Princess Irollan and Austin Butler as Fred Lauser.

Smith’s new film Jedi Police 3 exposes the studio photo of Emperor Shi

Jedi Police 3, directed by the new director group Adil Al Elbi and Bilal Farah, has revealed the latest film photos. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence both appeared on the set. The two were dressed in civilian clothes, and Smith was holding a gun, which looked the same as they had looked years ago.