James Corden reevaluated his career after emotional chat with his son

James Corden decided to quit ‘The Late Late Show’ after an exchange with his son. The 44-year-old star reflected on a period two summers ago when he was working on Amazon Prime Video show ‘Mammals’ – which launched in November – and he had an emotional conversation with his then-10-year-old boy Max. Appearing on ‘The […]

Pelé’s daughter shares final photo of her dad after week of emotional posts

Pelé’s daughter has shared the final photo taken of her dad after a week of posting emotional tributes to the footballer. Kely Nasicmento, who announced her father’s passing on Thursday (29.12.22) at the age of 82 after the World Cup hero lost his cancer fight, posted an image online showing her family holding the three-time […]

Mule Discloses the Ultimate Trailer Eastwood’s Emotional Monologue Tells His Mood

The Mule, a world-renowned masterpiece that will be released on August 26 at the National Art Federation cinema, released its final trailer today. In a tense atmosphere, Earl Stone, the drug carrier “mule” played by director and starring Clint Eastwood, tells his heart in the form of a monologue, accompanied by a contrast filled stimulus […]

The emotional poster of Quiddie 2 was released. Stallone helped the champion to return

The inspirational film “Quiddie: Heroes Rise Again” has been confirmed to be released nationwide on January 4. Recently, the film exposed two emotional posters to further clarify the theme of the film: fighting for responsibility and family. The tone of the poster made the audience feel a deep warmth. Whether it was Quiddie and Lodge […]