Jay Leno: A motorcycle crash is better than slipping in a bathtub!

Jay Leno says that crashing a motorcycle is “better than slipping in the bathtub” at his age. The 72-year-old TV star was riding a vintage motorcycle in Las Vegas on January 17 when he pulled into a parking lot and was taken out by a piece of wire that had been strung across the roadway […]

Antonio Banderas’ heart attack ‘change his life for the better’

Antonio Banderas thinks having a heart attack was “one of the best things” to ever happen to him. The 62-year-old actor suffered a heart attack six years ago and Antonio believes that it helped to change his life for the better. The ‘Mask of Zorro’ star – who was born in Malaga in Spain – […]

Rita Ora’s life is ‘better’ with Taika Waititi

Rita Ora’s life “became better” when she got together with Taika Waititi. The ‘You Only Love Me’ singer had been friends with the ‘Jojo Rabbit’ filmmaker for several years before they embarked on a romantic relationship and she knew the director – who she is rumoured to have married last summer – was The One […]

Ron Perlman’s wife is ‘better’ than him

Ron Perlman has raved his new wife is “better than me in every way”. The ‘Hellboy’ actor has an “awesome” relationship with Allison Dunbar – who he marred last June after three years together – and the couple couldn’t be happier. While Ron, 72, described Allison as “better than me in every way”, the 50-year-old […]