Anna Kendrick says actors are treated like ‘insane divas’

Anna Kendrick worries all actors are treated like “insane divas” so she took a very different approach when directing her first film. The ‘Up In The Air’ star steps behind the lens for the first time to helm ‘The Dating Game’ for Netflix and she’s revealed other members of the crew were worried by her […]

Lead actors in Franco Zeffirelli’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ sue over nude scene

The two lead actors in Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 film ‘Romeo and Juliet’ are suing over the nude scene they shot when they were teens. Olivia Hussey, now 71, and Leonard Whiting, 72, filed a lawsuit on Friday (30.12.22) at the Santa Monica Superior Court, California, accusing Paramount Pictures studio of sexual harassment, fraud, sexual abuse, […]

Jurassic World 3 Releases Special Short Film Two Generations of Leading Actors Recall

On June 9, “Jurassic World 3” released a special short film of “Jurassic Two Generation Kass Answering Contest”, in which two generations of cast members formed “Houlang Talk Team” and “Early Generation is also a Team” to compete on the camera. They tacitly responded to interesting and tricky “archaeological” problems. The reappearance of classic pictures […]