Biography of Legendary Racing Driver will be directed and acted by “Hulk”

According to foreign media reports, Eric Banner, who plays the Hulk in Ang Lee’s version of Hulk, will direct and act as the new biopic of legendary motorcycle racer Mike Hailwood. He has obtained the copyright of the story of Mike the Bike from the Hailwood family and will co write and direct with Australian […]

David Heidi died at the age of 92 and acted in two 007 movies

According to foreign media reports, American actor David Heidison died in Los Angeles on July 18 at the age of 92. David Haidi became famous in the 1960s TV series Sailing to the Deep Sea. He played the handsome hero Lee B. Klein, which made him occupy a place in the collective memory of the […]

Blade Warrior movie restart! Acted by the hero of Green Book

Marvel Pictures announced the fourth stage plan of Marvel’s movie universe at the SDCC (San Diego Marvel Show) on the weekend. At the end of the conference, President Kevin Fitch also reserved a big egg: he announced that he would make a new film, Blade Warrior, starring in the male lead of the Green Book, […]